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Thursday, August 1, 2019

To those who abuse, the sin is yours, the crime is yours, and the shame is yours. 
To those who protect the perpetrators, blaming the victims only masks the evil within, making you as guilty as those who abuse. Friends don’t let friends blame victims. 
Survivors need our support, not our scrutiny So let’s put the responsibility where it belongs. 
Remember, education is the key to ending revictimization. 
Break the silence, break the cycle. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kelly Baker Barnes and Col. Kevin P. Landers disown their behavior

I have stayed quiet for some time on my blog. I told myself that as long as my ex and his wife stopped the harassment, then my effort to defend myself and my children would no longer be necessary. However, per recent harassment,  I thought it would be a good idea to use my voice once again.
That moment is now.

My children are now free from their father’s home and this is a good thing. Although they long for their father's love, their father is incapable of giving love without conditions. Conditions that benefit him...not them. One firm condition he insists upon is, he will have nothing to do with them unless they hate me.

John's 4 younger children will be walking away from their mother Kelly's home to go to college, but better yet, a road to their freedom to live outside of their mother’s daily monitoring; monitoring to ensure that Luke, Samantha, Evan and Ethan do NOT communicate with their dad, John. They can think and breathe openly with their own beliefs and choices. What an exciting time for LSEE! We are so happy for them.

John's oldest son just got married on June 24th. John could not attend for reasons that all of you are aware of and although Nate and Katherine also invited me, I gracefully declined. I told Nate that as much as I would love to be there, I thought it best to not attend because it would have caused quite a bit of a distraction from him and his new wife. Nate agreed. However, a dear friend, MaryLou Couch streamed the entire wedding for us so we could see the ceremony unfold in real time. MaryLou is like a mother to Nate and we are grateful that she and her family have also embraced us.
What a lovely gesture from a very sweet woman.

My children were also invited to the wedding but for various reasons could not attend.  When they found out their father Col. Kevin P. Landers and his wife Melody were not invited, that made their inability to attend even more disappointing. As you remember, Kevin Sr. tried to ruin our oldest son's wedding.
(Col Kevin P Landers gets reprimanded by law enforcement) Nate made it very clear that he doesn't respect nor like Kevin and Melody and DID NOT want them at his and Katherine’s wedding. His mom Kelly was insistent that her oldest brother and Melody be invited. However, Nate held his ground to ensure that Kevin Landers Sr. and Melody did not come any where near him or his new wife. Nate is a very kind, forgiving, devoted soul and rarely dislikes anyone and to be honest...if someone doesn't like Nate then you assume that there is something wrong with them, not Nate. However, over the years, things have been said about Nate and things have been done by Col. Landers and Melody that have made Nate put up boundaries with them. Many times, Melody has posted lies about Nate's father John on Nate's social media sites to try to degrade and humiliate John. Nate is very close to his father. Nate and John have one the closest father/son relationships I have ever seen and they are very devoted to each other. So Melody's continued antics to attempt to lie and harass have cost her and her husband to not be invited to not one but now two weddings in the family. If their hatred continues, I dare say family gatherings will not include Colonel & Mrs. Kevin Paul Landers of Wilmington, NC.
Now I'm sure it was said that Col. Landers could not attend because of his job, but that is a lie. The Colonel just retired from the US Army, so his job was of no issue. His behaviors and his wife's are why they were not allowed to attend the happy, special occasion.

Below is a screenshot of just one example of many I possess that shows how Melody tried to discredit Nate's dad publicly with lies. This was very upsetting to Nate that someone this evil was trying to hurt his father with lies. It was also said publicly by Melody and Kevin that Nate is a disrespectful, disobedient child that needs reprimanding. Even worse, when Nate was 15 years old and an excellent student and well behaved young man, his mother, Kelly, threatened to put Nate in a boarding school for unruly boys because he was talking to his Dad. I am sure that Nate’s siblings have heard similar threats from their mother over the years i.e.”your dad is on the run and if you talk to him, you will go to juvenile detention”; or, “my attorney and the counselor said it is against the law for you to communicate with ‘him”.  What kind of mother threatens their children with such atrocities because they want to communicate with their father? Kelly also told Luke, Samantha, Evan and Ethan that they would go to jail if they talked to their father. She started telling them this from the age of 6. Pretty disgusting when a parent forces a child to live in fear because she was afraid that her lies would be exposed. One of the many reasons I write a blog is to stop the liars from continually lying and not taking responsibility for the damage they have caused 10 children(to include Melody's daughter Kayla), myself and John.

As far as the Landers family and their "damage control" to try to preserve & present their reputation as God loving, law abiding citizens...well, their ploy to try to bury years of lies is quickly coming to an end. Society sees them through their fake smiles, made up faces, fancy clothes and material possessions. Looking successful means nothing if your kids, family and others don't admire the person you are behind closed doors. By that I mean, words mean nothing unless you live them in your everyday lives. People can say, "I have changed" or "I want to get better" or
"I have rededicated my life to (my god)" but that means nothing unless you live it and show it to others everyday....especially your spouses and children.

It was brought to my attention by several persons that Kelly is going around telling people that she and her brother Colonel Kevin have re-dedicated their life to their god. First of all, why does Kelly need to defend her brother? He is a big boy that is capable of standing on his own merit and that is for him to share...not her. Secondly, if Kelly is truly repenting then she must admit all the lies she told to the courts, to herself and especially to her children that have lost many pivotal years with their father. Kelly used the courts and Judge Caldwell (he was a judge disbarred for sexual, disorderly conduct: see Judge Johnnie Caldwell perversions with women in his courts ) and claims that she is only following court orders. However, she refuses to cooperate with authorities that have requested that she cooperate with negotiating for John to return to GA to be with his children (these requests were made from 2006 thru 2016). Kelly is adamant that John have his parental rights terminated; charged & convicted with 5 counts of child abandonment and serve maximum time in prison; her reply to attempts to settle CSR arrearage, “All or none; plus time in prison”. Yeah, she’s charming.  No one is making her continue to demand an ungodly amount to money from John. Kelly knows John can't pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to her. Kelly can drop all falsified charges but she won't because if John can travel back to the states and try to engage with his 4 younger children, then Kelly will have to face her demons and lies, something Kelly does not want to happen because - bottom line -  John's children will realize what an awesome father John was and still is. Turning your life over to your god does not mean just parts of you. You must hand over ALL of you. Take a moral inventory of yourself, admit to others your lies and sins, repent and ask for forgiveness and that is what rededicating your life to the one and only God entails. But, I know that Col. Landers nor Kelly Baker Barnes are actively doing anything to help mend the people (fathers, mothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, daughters, sons) they methodically and actively broke. It has to take someone to bring accountability and exposure to their abuses. Otherwise, these abusers will live their lives with no accountability for destroying others because they care more about denying their lies than caring about the people that try to love them.

"The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians, who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world finds unbelievable."~Brennan Manning

I am a Christian and I love my God. But, my 4 children are not sure there is a God. Why would they? They have witnessed their father beat me. cheat on me, lie to me, and lie to them. Their father made them lie in a courtroom(or else), lie to neighbors and family, and demanded our children consider me dead...that Melody was now their mother. A step-mother who continually degraded my name, threw away all existence of me once she moved in with Kevin(while he and I were still married) and then abused my kids. Their paternal grandfather(Poppy) who was an elder in 3 different churches but was told he had to resign because of his anger outbursts. Poppy-who was verbally abusive to his wife, and once my children publicly loved me-their Poppy disowned them. A paternal grandmother(Magaw) who acts as if my children don't exist because they love and embrace me and John. An Aunt Kelly who yells all the time, only cares about her looks and material possessions, and cheats on her husband. These listed people go to church every Sunday and point fingers at everyone else. Why would my kids want to embrace our Father when their own father has lied, bullied, and cheated his way through our marriage and his life. Being an officer in the Army is not impressive if your immediate family has fallen apart and fears your anger outburst and abuses.

The Landers, to include Kelly's mother Becky(Magaw) will never admit that they were active in trying to hide their family secrets and knowingly lie, neglect and harm the children involved....especially my children. Becky has chosen to ignore 4 of her grandchildren for over 10 years now. Becky was invited to her grandsons(my son) wedding in November, 2015 and did not attend because she hates me more then she loves her Grandchildren. What kind of loving grandmother does that? My children have lost 3 grandparents over these last few years and Becky is the only living grandparent they have left. A loving grandmother would not alienate children of divorce...NO MATTER WHO SIDE SHE CHOOSES! A loving grandmother would love ALL of her grandchildren unconditionally-something the Landers family to include her late husband Jim(Poppy) are incapable of doing. They are vengeful and mean.

So as it stands today, there are new chapters in our children's lives that are forming and for this we are thankful. John and I love our children and pray everyday that they succeed in whatever they choose and that they live happy, healthy, productive lives. That they find love and give love unconditionally in spite of their upbringings by unstable parents. As you all know, I have re-united with my 4 children even though their father and Melody did everything in their power to convince them to hate me - it did NOT work.
I pray that the 4 younger Baker kids seek their father John out when they feel ready and do so no matter what their mother Kelly threatens or bribes them with. I know that they will find that their dad has loved them since the day they were born and never stopped trying to reach them through phone calls, videos, letters and gifts.

I will close with this thought. Parents that alienate their kids can do it so easily when the children are younger and not as free to think on their own. It's easy to intimidate a child when you are bigger than them. But, one day, those little children grow up and start making choices of their own. They start seeking answers for questions that have been unanswered or worse - lies told. Kelly may think she has gotten away with all her vengeance and lies because years have passed and her god has forgiven her. Maybe God has for I am not one to judge what God decides. But, when the Baker children find out what she has done to try to destroy a relationship with their father, there will be hell to pay and they may have a hard time forgiving her. If she doesn't believe me, she can ask her brother.

“You have minds like a snake pit! How do you suppose what you say is worth anything when you are so foul-minded? It’s your heart, not the dictionary, that gives meaning to your words. A good person produces good deeds and words season after season. An evil person is a blight on the orchard. Let me tell you something: Every one of these careless words is going to come back to haunt you. There will be a time of Reckoning. Words are powerful; take them seriously. Words can be your salvation. Words can also be your damnation.”~Matthew 1:36-37

Rest..Regroup..Return and Let It Begin With Me

This picture above was posted by Melody while Nate was a coach at Georgia Southern. She had the audacity to post this publicly because she was upset with a video John had posted to warn his 4 younger children how evil she is. Here is that video-
Please keep in mind that John is not a felon nor am I. Another one of many lies produced by the Landers family. It is well known that I have traveled to the states and abroad several times without any legal issues. As far as Melody stating that Col. Kevin Landers cannot lash out because he is a "High Ranked Army Officer" That is also a lie. Kevin and Melody have pursued me in courts many times to try to silence me with their fabricated lies but each time we went to court, the judge dismissed their hearings. Col Landers recieved reprimand by his upper command to control himself and Melody and their hateful, exhausting antics. He also received reprimand from the courts and law enforcement to stop wasting their time and to leave John, myself and John's family alone. Melody, on the other hand doesn't follow authority and I dare say that over Kevin's career has embarrassed him to his soldiers and upper command with her evilness.
In reference to John and the lies being told about him-John is in touch with Child Support and has offered a settlement to Kelly many times. Kelly refuses as stated in this blog.
Melody also mentioned in this Facebook post below that she and Kevin are not alienating because they have no children in their home. At the time Melody posted this-that statement is the truth. But, my youngest son Justin was forbade contact with me or his three older siblings for over 10 years. Kevin Sr. held Justin as collateral to punish myself and my 3 older children for not wanting to be around his abuses. But as soon as Justin turned 18, he left his fathers home. In typical abuser form, Kevin Sr. has now disowned Justin as well. Justin was the one that suffered the most because he was forced to live with his father and Melody's abuses the longest. Kevin Sr., Melody and Kelly are active alienators. Parental alienation is mean, it's wrong and it's child abuse.

My intention with the blog was not to try to destroy lives or ruin careers. Kevin Sr. and Kelly are doing just fine. Kevin Sr. just retired as a Colonel is the military and Kelly is making plenty of money with Chick-fil-a as a corporate secretary. One of my intentions in writing this blog is to ensure that these liars not rest until they admit what they did wrong and fix the children they have broken all these years.

This picture above was taken at Col. Kevin P Landers Sr. retirement ceremony on Friday July, 7th, 2017. It is public record that Kevin and Melody will retire in Wilmington, NC.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Col Kevin P Landers Sr. absence as a father continues

In 2011, I started writing this blog. It had been six (6) years since I had filed for divorce from US Army Col. Kevin P. Landers Sr. Numerous years of staying silent came to an end.  Per an extraordinary mentor and the advice of others that knew my “life”  I embraced their direction that I write my story for the public to read.  I had concluded that it was in my best interest and my 4 children’s best interest to share my story. This Blog became my “answer” to  those whom were part of my circle when I was married to Kevin. My ex was spewing lies about me and people were wanting an account from me concerning the false accusations Kevin was directing at me. Horrific lies told to my family, my friends and most importantly our children. I stayed quiet from 2005 until 2011 because I needed time to heal and gain confidence again. When I started to get bombarded with emails and phone calls from strangers and family members, I headed the advice given to me so that I could use my voice and stand up for myself against an abuser(s) and direct people to this Blog.
I chose NOT to write anonymously and to also name my abuser and his current wife Melody Morrison Wilson Landers. I made these decisions after much thought and consideration knowing that Kevin and Melody would more than likely take me to court...which they did in 2012. Because I reside in Mexico, Kevin and Melody thought that I would not be represented over 1,000 miles away in Colorado Springs, CO. Upon being served 48 hrs notice of the court date, I was able to have legal counsel AND use my voice via telephonic conference. While reading the allegations against me that both Kevin and Melody filed UNDER OATH, I was once again appalled at the lies they had written. One in particular is that Kevin claimed that he filed for divorce and won sole custody of our 4 children. After 18 years of his physical, sexual and verbal abuses, I am the one who filed for divorce in April 2005 and we had joint custody at that time. Both he and Melody also swore to the El Paso county court that I had threatened to kill them, burn down their home and kill their late son Kyle Ray Wilson. It amazes me how Kevin and Melody swore under oath yet claim to be God fearing Christians. It is unethical, it is sociopath, it is in violation of the US Army Code and it is against the law.
You can read in more detail what transpired during the court hearing in El Paso County Colorado by clicking on the link:
Kevin requested that the judge order me to take down my blog and Judge Curtis denied his request. As per his abusive character, he was not happy about her judgement but he and Melody started telling people that they have a permanent restraining order and that I am a felon running from the law and hiding in Mexico. Their lies escalated to such an insane, extreme level and they started posting publicly  that they went to the Supreme Court and I was ordered to remove all my social media sites. I have a screenshot of a transcribed FALSE court hearing that never took place. An acquaintance that reads Melody’s private blogs sent me the fake court proceeding order. Here is a link to Melody’s 2 different blogs that consist of very slanderous allegations against me and John and our children. 

Col. Kevin P. Landers Sr. and Melody Morrison Wilson Landers have stated and posted publicly that I have warrants out for my arrest in both Mexico and the United States. And go on to claim that if and/or when I cross the border, I will be arrested on the spot. As most all of you know from my prior blog entry, I ATTENDED-in-person my son’s wedding in November 2015 and then traveled throughout the United States before arriving to my home in Mexico. I also renewed my Passport while in the USA - without any problem.  I am reiterating this because it is important to see the pattern of how Kevin and Melody live and breathe lies and have been doing so for 11 years now and do not show any sign that they will repent nor stop all this slander and defamation of me, John, our children and our families.
On the eve of our son’s wedding, US Army Col. Kevin Paul Landers, Sr. made false allegations to a local police officer concerning a false document Kevin had produced. The officer contacted me and advised that I was “prohibited” from attending our son’s wedding. I had to involve other judicial persons in New Jersey and Kevin was asked to leave immediately...he left. One would think that the Colonel would learn his lesson and stop all his lies and hatred towards me and our 4 children, but he has not.

Our 4 children want to have a relationship with their Mom and Dad. However, Kevin continues to make it very clear that if our children have a relationship with me, he will ban them from his life; He did so again recently with our 24 year old daughter.
How can any logical thinking human being admire or even respect a man, a soldier, an Army officer that demands his children have nothing to do with their mother and IF our son’s/daughter’s acknowledge their mom, they will be disowned by their father!
I know and mentor to many parents (dad’s included) that battle the courts and with their ex’s everyday in an effort to fight to be included in their child’s life. My John has battled with his ex Kelly for years in efforts to hold his children again. He even offered her sizable settlements and she refused it because she does not want John to be the wonderful father he is to his own children. Children that are now also becoming young adults that will eventually seek John out for answers as my children have done with me. What is going to be devastating to the Baker children is that they were lied to by their mother Kelly about why John is not in their life as of today. John prays about seeing his children everyday because he is a loving father.

Kevin has an unequivocal choice to have a relationship with our children and HE chooses not to be in their life. The children can confirm, that I have NEVER requested that they alienate their dad...I think it would be best for them to have a relationship with their father. Over the years these children have longed to have a relationship with their dad yet he continues to play the victim and disregards them because they want a relationship with both of us.
Kevin hates me more than he loves our children and that is so heart wrenching not only to me...but to 4 innocent children that don’t deserve all the anger he continues to dish out.

In the past, I tried to communicate with Kevin in reference to our children and he refuses to discuss their well being with me. We brought these 4 beautiful souls into this world and whether we dislike each other or not, we have a responsibility to support, love and embrace our children regardless of the past or our divorce. Kevin has a lot of excuses as to why he chose to shun our children but there is not one reasonable excuse to shut out any of the children involved.
Melody ONLY claims love for her late son Kyle Ray. She refuses to acknowledge her daughter.
Our children are not playing cards that we disregard when we don’t like what has been dealt to us. They are human beings that one day become adults and parents as well and because of this, it is our job as loving parents to try to show by example of how responsible, loving adults act and thus far Kevin and Melody display not only hateful actions but also damaging results. We adults brought children into this world and it will forever be our responsibility to ensure that our children are safe, happy, thriving and feel loved by us. Five children don't feel loved by Kevin nor Melody and that is one child too many. To all the readers that interact with Melody and Kevin on a daily basis or have been to their home, is it not odd that there is not one picture or verbal acknowledgment that Kevin has two daughters and two sons. There are only shrines of Kyle Ray...a sweet soul that couldn't speak but he had cognitive thinking. I am sure if he could have spoken, he would have a lot to say about the way his mother Melody and step-father Kevin treat his sister and step-siblings.

So, with permission from my oldest daughter, I must once again expose how truly hateful
Col. Kevin Paul Landers Sr. is towards his children. Below is a text message that our daughter sent to her dad. She is applying for student loans and is required to provide a parent’s home address. That is all she asked. She didn't ask for money...just permission to use an address.
Now let me stress something here, when our daughter was sent away several times by her father in 2008/09 he didn’t pay any child support nor did he even take time to visit her while she was thrown away in a federally funded program for low income households (he was a Lt. Col. in ‘08 ‘09). He just hid her away from me and her siblings for years and did nothing to support nor help her. When I found her, John and I took care of her until she got on her feet. Kevin repeated this same behavior with our 3 other children and hardly paid a dime to help them and it's not because he doesn’t have the money. An Army Colonel averages about over $7,000.00  a month with sizable annual raises:
The little amount of money he did give was ONLY when the children agreed to not have a relationship with me otherwise he shunned our kids out of his life. Kevin and Melody are so engulfed in their own greed and hatred for me that they punish these children in their process to hide all of their lies. I truly pray everyday that all their hatred would stop but I don't see that coming anytime soon and this is why I will continue to write in my blog. I had a 62 year old survivor tell me some very unfortunate, but honest advice. She said, “The day my abuser stopped his hatred was the day they buried him.”
I fear that with Kevin’s track record he will die a mean and dishonorable son; husband; and father.

“A man's success is measured by what his wife and children say about him. Money and accomplishments mean nothing if you let your home fail.”

I will end this entry with one last thought and advice to my ex and his wife.
If they do not stop their continual mean and abusive behavior towards myself and our shared 5 children I am going to continue to use my voice to expose how truly mean they are. Our children should not feel the need to defend themselves against their parents. We as parents should be defending the children that did not ask for a life riddled with insanity and a divorce. I asked for the divorce because I fell out of love with their father. How dare Kevin fall out of love with his children...he is a very sad man that not only hates me...Kevin hates himself.
He is mean; He is wrong; and He is abusive.
US Army Colonel Kevin P. Landers may wear rank as an outstanding soldier and attend his local church, but what does he want his legacy to be with 4 children that will also remember who he was to them? If he says he doesn't really care what our children think and could care less if they love him or not. Then he doesn’t deserve to be a father to MY children because my children are awesome souls that are doing great things and deserve all the wonderful things life offers in spite of the years of hell they have been through.


Kevin and Melody’s behavior defined ~
DSM-IV Definition. Antisocial personality disorder is characterized by a lack of regard for the moral or legal standards in the local culture. There is a marked inability to get along with others or abide by societal rules. Individuals with this disorder are sometimes called psychopaths or sociopaths.

I have also included screen shots per Melody’s Pinterest and Facebook accounts
Melody is an evil human being.

This is a post per Melody Landers Facebook stating that she raised my 4 children. That is a bold faced lie. My oldest son left within 3 weeks of living with his father and Melody, my two daughters were thrown away from different homes because their father didn't want them and eventually they came and lived with John and I. My youngest son was the ONLY child that was raised by Melody and his father and sadly he is the most emotionally damaged as of today. That says a lot about what kind of life he had in his father's home for 10 years.

This is a post on Melody's Pinterest.
Melody's current Pinterest account
A post that Melody will delete as soon as she reads this blog. Melody professes that her and Kevin Sr. don't have any daughters and that her nieces are "the daughters they don't have" but yet on her Facebook page dedicated to her late son Kyle she posts many pictures of "the daughters they never had" which are my and Kevin's daughters.
Kyle Rays Legacy of Love Facebook page
Do you know how horrible that makes Melody's daughter and my daughters feel? Not sure if Melody's nieces nor sister would approve of these posts or behavior.
It shows what kind of person/mother figure Melody truly is-evil at her beautiful nieces expense.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Jersey Law Enforcement Reprimands Colonel Kevin Paul Landers Sr.

Many have asked me over these past two months how my trip was back to the States. I have received inquiries from acquaintances and their concerns about what they were told about me per my ex husband Col. Kevin P. Landers and his wife Melody Wilson Landers. I have also been informed that the lies continue about me, our children and my family.  I intend on disputing this defamation of character in this blog entry. Before blogging my travel experiences, let me refresh all of you on the harassment the children and I continue to face - for years - by my DV abuser Kevin P. Landers and his wife Melody Wilson Landers.

I extended my trip to spend time with my family, John’s family and to take care of legal documents. One major document to renew was my USA passport. One should note that my son’s engagement to his fiancĂ© lasted for awhile and in the midst of this long engagement, Horrendous, Hateful lies were being spread – ONCE AGAIN - about me. Kevin & Melody chose to spread their HATE on social media sites.  Melody used her Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus ( and Twitter. She also set up fake email accounts and social media sites in my name and impersonated me to try to convince others and the courts that I was harassing her...something Melody has been doing for years. This was NOT a solo effort. Col. Kevin Paul Landers approves of this behavior per his reports to police, courts, etc. he has signed court filings to support the FALSE accusations. Melody has also impersonated ALL 4 of my children and her daughter Kayla. I feel certain that there are others out there that have been impersonated.

Why post this blog entry now?
I chose to wait until well after my trip to the USA because I did not want to take away from the joyous moments we all had as a family these past few months. I wanted to hold onto the glow of happiness and love I felt from so many wonderful people. I will forever hold onto every moment I shared with my children, my family and my friends that I have missed for so long.
But, now is the time to write about what transpired over these past 11 years and the unfortunate negative events that took place because Col. Kevin P. Landers and his wife Melody did EVERYTHING they could (with lies of course) to try to stop me from traveling back to the states to spend time with my loved ones. Here are some examples of the calculated, manipulative lies that both Col. Kevin P. Landers and Melody Wilson Landers have told over the years to try to hide their lies & instigate others to hate me.

In October 2006, Melody contacted me here in Mexico. I have many voice messages to prove her contact along with emails of her correspondence with me and John. She was very friendly and because she was around my children, I talked to her. I wanted to know about my kids. On the other hand, John kept warning me, “Be careful Catherine. She is mentally unstable and I do not trust her.” I heeded John’s advice but I so desperately wanted to know about my kids. She would call crying sometimes because Kevin Sr. was being mean to her. She left several messages on our answering machine claiming that Kevin Sr. was harassing and stalking her and “Bobby” her and “Tommy “her and   ?   
Melody claimed that she had an African American boyfriend named Bobby and that Kevin Sr. called him the “N” word several times. She portrayed to me that she was also a victim of Kevin’s abuses and claimed she took Kevin Sr. to court to file a restraining order against him. She claims to have taken “joy” in watching Kevin Sr. be embarrassed at work and in Cumberland County Courts when the judge issued a restraining order. I found this very odd that she was laughing about a restraining order. Her allegations concerning Col. Landers were made in November, 2006. By February 2007, Melody and Kevin Sr. were married. This was 2 months after Melody joked about a restraining order against Col. Kevin Paul Landers.

Over the course of several years, John and I have had to deal with Kevin and Melody’s hatefulness and lies. They used the children as pawns to try to hurt me. Our daughter Amanda was sent to me in July 2008 and I had to beg Kevin to send me the proper paperwork for Amanda to stay with me and he would not. I even got in touch with his Commanding General at Fort Carson-General Mark Graham- who was very kind to me and Amanda. But, Col. Landers still refused to send me Amanda’s paperwork. After 117 days of Amanda living with me (she was on a 120 day temporary visa) Col. Kevin Landers -her father- pulled her back to his home. Once he got her there, he threw her into a facility and I lost contact with Amanda for about 7 months...nobody from Kevin’s family has chose to contact Amanda since January 2009. She eventually came back to me in late 2009 because the facility had maxed out her father’s insurance and he would have to pay “out-of-pocket”.  Kevin could not send Amanda to his go to FREE JobCorp because Amanda was not 16. He agreed to release Amanda to me here in San Miguel de Allende under the condition of NO financial support. Since our divorce, he has never financially nor emotionally supported his minor children Kevin Jr., Amanda & M. I lost contact with my oldest daughter “M” but eventually found her in Anaconda Montana Job Corps. She had been thrown into that facility by her father and had not had contact with any of her family for about a year. Kevin Sr. refused to take care of his daughter Megan but once he found out that I had sought her out and was engaging with M, he and Melody started claiming that I had no right to talk to her because of a no-contact order issued. Please keep in mind that I was never served any papers concerning a “No Contact” order. After much research and contact with the Montana Senator Tester’s office…I received much help from Erik Nylund who works with Senator Tester. After establishing the fact that I COULD have contact with my daughter because there was no existing “No Contact” order, (Kevin and Melody lied to Job Corps) I took care of all of my daughters emotional, monetary, and physical needs until she moved in with John and I on January 11th 2011.

My youngest son Justin had the most pain to deal with. He was forbidden to have ANY contact with his siblings or me for 11 years. Col. Kevin P. Landers and wife Melody claimed that they were trying to keep my son safe from all of the lies his siblings and I were spreading about them. It was stated publically by Melody several times that Justin was in therapy because I was harassing Justin and his step-brother Kyle Ray Wilson. Yet, I had not had ANY contact with Justin. It was publicly written by Melody that I made videos threatening to burn Kevin Sr. and Melody’s home down in Colorado Springs and that I was going to “push Kyle into a ditch” because he was a “retard.” However, in the court proceedings that Kevin Sr. and Melody filed for harassment, domestic violence and cyber bullying against me, no video’s were ever produced. Kevin Sr. and Melody also lied under oath stating that I threatened to harm both of them, Kyle and Justin therefore they ALL feared for their life. I did not nor have I ever threatened any human being, especially a child.

In a court document dated Feb. 07, 2012 filed by Col. Kevin Landers, he stated that he feared for his life and his family’s life and that I was trying to ruin his career. He also stated under oath that he was the one who filed for divorce and received full custody of our children because I was unfit. All lies to the El Paso county authorities…i.e. I was the one who filed for divorce on April 4th 2005 and the legal proceeding to begin the divorce process was started by the court on April 11th 2005.  After a “no contact complaint” was filed and a court date set in Colorado, Kevin and Melody –in the presence of me and the Judge- stated their concerns about this blog –vs- their fear of me….they feared this blog, and the Judge reprimanded them.  They did not fear for their safety. Their intent was to get before a judge on the pretense that they needed legal protection for themselves from me (keep in mind I live over 1200 miles away from them). Once before the judge, they thought they could throw the blog in and have me censored…it did not go well with the judge (for them anyway). In the court hearing after I conceded to the No Contact request (I had not had contact with them since 2009; I sure wasn’t wanting any contact now) Kevin Sr. says to Judge Curtis,  “What about her blog?”
Judge Curtis basically states that the blog is not the issue, nor is it a threat. A no contact order was issued stating that I conceded to the order but that I admit NO guilt, nor admittance that I am a threat to Kevin Sr., Melody nor Kyle. The complaint had requested No Contact with Justin, but the court struck out that request. A court order (one of many) that Melody has posted, manipulated, lied about and plagiarized many times over the years.

Melody has also posed as Justin on his Facebook and sent me horrible messages all of which I knew were not Justin. Justin lived in a cloud of lies by his father and step-mother and he knew they were lying but he was just a kid that has no recourse to escape them. He was their prisoner for 11 years.  Justin was a token Kevin Sr. needed to use as propaganda to say, “See, I am a good father.”
However, as soon as Justin turned 18, he ran away and never looked back.  All 4 of our children see their father’s lies and manipulative behavior. He is mean and they see it. 

Over the past 11 years it has been verbally and publicly written that I am a felon running from the law...that the FBI, CIA, ICE, Federal Marshalls, Interpol and Border Patrol will arrest me at the border.  I am sure that Kevin and Melody’s verbal slander with family, friends and community is even more abundant than I am aware of.  More slander against me, John, our children and our families. These are some of the many horrible, outrageous lies that Col. Landers and Melody have spread to try to harm me, my family and my relationship with my children.

Here is the synopsis:
Not only did I cross the border in November, 2015 from Mexico into the United States, I also renewed my passport, updated my Social Security Card, and renewed my Driver’s License. These are ALL government facilities so if I was a felon with over 400 counts against me and a 4 time felon(according to Melody) how could I renew any of these documents? I would have been detained at the border and handcuffed immediately. Something Col. Kevin P. Landers and Melody stated would happen if I crossed. But without any problem, I re-entered the Mexican border in December, 2015 with no problem what so ever. I am a free citizen in all countries with no felonies against me. Why would Melody and Kevin Sr. work so hard to claim that I am not allowed to enter into the USA to attend my son’s wedding?
Simple…they tried to scare me into not crossing the border. Fear is a scare tactic abusers use all the time on their victims. They convince their victims that they have power over them. Kevin and Melody tried to make me fear spending time with my kids. They also instilled fear in our children… “If you talk to your Mom or John you will be breaking the law and abetting a felon.”  Neither John nor myself are felons. Search/Google it.

Kevin Sr. promised me that he would make sure I had no contact with my family, my children or my friends and he accomplished that for years with a smile on his face. My going back to the United States in November 2015 was the best way I could disprove the fallacies and the slander while at the same time expose the extreme hatred and evil inside of this couple. I did make it to New Jersey and met my children in Newark, NJ.  It was the first time I had seen my oldest (groom) and youngest son in 11 years. I cannot describe the emotion we all felt. I had to reach up to hug my two sons who were now young men…they were 8 and 14 years when I last held them. Their sisters were also deeply emotional because they too had not seen their brothers in years.  This reunification was the first time since 2006 that all 4 children were together. My 3 children and I got a hotel room together which was awesome…my 4th child had groom things to attend. We also spent much time with my daughter-in-laws family. What a strong, sweet, loving family they are. Everything was a marathon of sorts as weddings always are. But, I wouldn't trade ANY moment. I treasured every second that I was there.

I was not sure if Kevin Sr. and Melody were going to be attending. I was prepared to be cordial for the sake of the children. Regardless of my past with Kevin Sr. and Melody, this was about my oldest son's wedding and I was ready to make the best of it. Regardless of our marriage, col Landers and I share 4 children and we will will always be connected because of our kids. It is our responsibility as responsible, loving parents to act in a manner that displays Col Landers and I as such. We all prayed that Col Landers and his second wife would act appropriately.  I also discussed this with my children and reassured them that nothing bad was going to happen and it was going to be okay. I had to do this because they were VERY nervous that either their Dad and/or Melody would try to do something to disrupt the wedding/reunion.  The kids were concerned that I was going to be arrested because they had been told for so long that I was a felon. What cruel lies Kevin Sr. and Melody would tell to put fear in the kids. I felt confident that after 11 years of being divorced and with Kevin Sr. needing to conduct himself as a Colonel in the USArmy.  For some reason I felt that he would not act in a manner that was unbecoming of an officer or upset our children and the family. However, the day I arrived I was told that Kevin Sr. and Melody were not attending the wedding.  Apparently, Kevin Sr. and Melody were not pleased that I was going to be in attendance so Melody, once again, started re-posting documents and hate concerning me. These posts were being placed on links that were meant for the communication of all those attending the upcoming wedding. When the Bride’s family told Melody how inappropriate it was to use the wedding link as a venue to discuss the grooms mothers “shortcomings”  Melody refused to remove the postings, so she was removed from the link along with her postings. This reprimand was not received well by Col. Landers and in the end he ended up verbally insulting the bride-to-be and demanded that I- the Grooms mother; his ex – be uninvited. My son told his dad that we all need to get along. My ex hung up on my son & texted that he would not be attending the wedding and not to expect anything from him in the future. Basically my ex and Melody did not get their way, so they declined attending and disowned their kids.  Apparently Melody proceeded to post to the bride’s family the reasons why they couldn't attend if I were going. Of course it was all lies. It was very upsetting to my son and his wife's family.  I truly felt so sad for my son and his wife's family. Why all this hatred in lieu of a day that they wanted all of their family members in attendance to celebrate with them? My goodness, for one day could Col. Landers at the very least control his hatred for the sake of his son and his 3 other children? Will he ever let go of his hatred and stop lying? Will he ever stop being abusive? The night of the rehearsal dinner answered not only the question of controlling his hate, but it also showed how mean Col. Kevin P. Landers truly is. Allow me to elaborate...

Accepting the fact that Kevin Sr. and Melody were not coming to the wedding, the children and I continued to enjoy the time spent with each other and the wedding festivities. The rehearsal dinner was November 12th 2015. The entire wedding party which was inclusive of me, my youngest son who was the best man, and my two daughters that were bridesmaids. We went to Perona Farms Wedding Barn   for the rehearsal in Andover, NJ.  After the rehearsal, we went to eat a lovely dinner with the entire wedding party.  After the dinner, we all went our separate ways. My oldest son and my daughter- in-law went home and my 3 younger kids and I went to our hotel room. Within 20 minutes of us settling in our room, my older daughter received a text from her brother-the groom. Her brother was very upset and told her that she needed to tell me what was going on. My daughter proceeded to tell me that her brother received a phone call from the Stanhope Police Department. The officer on duty told my son that his father gave them a restraining order against me and that if I attended the wedding I would be arrested on the spot and taken to jail. It was also told to my son and daughter-in-law that if I were to attend the wedding and Kevin Sr. showed up that they should hide me away in a closet so I wouldn't be arrested....WHAT?  I told my son that if it were best that I did not attend then it would be ok but he insisted that I be there and he was not going to hide me in a closet if his father and Melody showed up.
My children were very upset by their father's antics and once again I had to be my ex-husband's buffer (something I was for 18 years) to soothe my children's fears and try to figure out what I could do to stop Kevin Sr.'s temper tantrum. So, I started making phone calls at 10pm that night....the night before my son's wedding. I talked to several people, a federal attorney and also with law enforcement.
Meanwhile while I was making some phone calls into the middle of the night to try to figure out what was going on,  my son and daughter- in-law were trying to reason with Kevin Sr. However, the Colonel refused to talk to his son but he did talk to my daughter-in-law. I find it interesting that now that my son is a man, his father refused to talk to him but did choose to talk to my daughter-in-law…and he was quite abrasive with her. It is common knowledge that abusers typically ONLY try to intimidate women and children and by the mere fact that Kevin Sr. refused to talk to his son proved this. Unfortunately my daughter-in-law got caught in the cross fire of Kevin Sr.’s rage and was trying to reason with him but his anger just escalated more and more to the point that he said, "I will do everything in my power to get ‘my ex wife’ arrested!" My daughter-in-law was shocked by the way he was screaming, panting, and saying things that were irrational. She told me that he was usually nice but I told her that she experienced the man that I was married to for 18 years. He frightened her. He lost control and when Kevin Sr. loses control, he goes into a rage and someone is going to suffer. This was obviously very upsetting to these poor kids on the eve of their celebration and once again I felt like I had to pick up the pieces of Col. Kevin P. Landers anger even though we have been divorced now for over 11 years.
So, I met with authorities the next morning and they checked to see if I did indeed have any charges or restraining orders against me. I have to admit that I was nervous, but I was ready to address anything that needed to be taken care of. I was told that I had “not one thing” against me. I was told by the authorities to go tell my children and my family to enjoy the wedding and if I needed any more assistance to give them a call. I told the detective that Kevin was a Colonel in the USArmy and the detective blatantly said-"Rank means nothing." Basically, Kevin Sr. has been able to intimidate soldiers with his rank over the years, but the NJ authorities were not putting up with Kevin's "power game." I was assured that “Col Kevin Landers won’t be causing any problems in our district.” This meeting took place the morning of the wedding and everyone was relieved to hear my news. So, we all decided that we would not allow Kevin's behavior to ruin a very wonderful, celebratory day. The plan was that if Kevin Sr. chose to show up that he would not be allowed to enter the building and to all of our relief, he never showed up nor caused any problems in the district. Please let me stress here that Col. Kevin P. Landers lives in North Carolina and was uninvited to the wedding several weeks prior because of he and Melody's behavior. He text to my son and bride that they were not going to attend. He has the local young police officer contact my son to inform him that “his father” would be attending and that his mother would be arrested. And YES, it was verified that his messenger is active with the Stanhope Police Department. Just another victim of Kevin Landers using the USArmy rank to cry a river. I find it ironic that 30 minutes after the rehearsal dinner; he is making idle threats and was in a rage over the phone with my daughter-in-law. Was he sitting in the parking lot at the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner was held just watching? How did he know when all of us left? Pretty eerie and a little frightening to think that he may have been stalking us.
So, did he think he could bully to get his way as he has in the past? Maybe...but I will tell you daughter-in-laws family is one of the closets families I have ever met. They love each other...protect each other and will not allow bullies to enter their family circle. I admire that immensely and I am so thankful that my son has been a part of this awesome family for many years.

As I write this I still feel a mixture of sadness, disappointment, and anger that the father of my children still continues to act in an irrational manner when he does not get his way. In the past, he went to any lengths to try to destroy me because I left him and he got away with stalking/harassing me through others. He got away with it because I did not want to stand up and dispute, because I knew he had my youngest in his physical custody and he would use my efforts against our son Justin. He was able to bully our children for years because they had no choice but to obey his commands. When will he understand that he cannot bully his way through life and when is he going to understand that we have overcome his anger outburst. Neither I nor the children are afraid of him anymore. He cannot say things to embarrass us any longer. HE is the embarrassment. With his consistent behavior over the years, we pretty much expect his behavior.  He however is becoming an embarrassment to himself and a disappointment to the people that believed him and his second wife Melody's lies all these years. I think about the people reading this that did believe the lies they were told by Kevin and Melody. Especially the ones that publicly had some pretty hateful things to say about me without truly knowing both sides of the story. I do understand that sometimes we have feelings of passion for others because of the image they may present to society and the stories they have to share. But, I do hope that all of us will use caution when making judgments, especially public ones, when we are not confident that what we are being told by others is the truth. So here are some facts...not opinions:
I filed for divorce from Col. Kevin P. Landers because he was extremely physically abusive…he beat the living shit out of me…consistently. I am Epileptic because of the severe head beating he inflicted on me.

Upon breaking free of their father, none of my children choose to be in contact with him. Melody's daughter chose to not have contact with her mother Melody several years ago as well. So we are talking about 5 children that chose to leave as I did. With the above behavior by Kevin Sr. I think it is very clear WHY he lost his entire family.  His recent behavior has set him back so far away from having a relationship with his kids. He could have gone to the wedding and acted as a respectable, honorable man and father but in his typical form, because he got mad, he became unorthodox, enraged, irrational, and abusive. A behavior the children and I lived with for years and a behavior we all chose to leave one by one.

Many horrible lies have been told about me. Keep in mind that Melody has a pattern of posting things and then deleting them. She has also opened up media sites in my name, Johns name, our children’s names, took screenshots & manipulated them and then used those as hate propaganda against all of us. Don’t believe me? Take a look at ALL the big lies Col. Landers and Melody have told and gotten away with them up to this point. Why would she go to any lengths to try to discredit me, John or our children? Col. Kevin P. Landers and Melody Wilson Landers have gotten away with their little lie games for years because I was not there to defend myself or the kids. I am tired of their games. We all are.
Here are just a few of the lies told that can now be disputed just by one action. I traveled back to the United States. Upon crossing the border, all of Col. Kevin P. Landers and Melody Wilson Landers 11 years of lies were discredited…
Claims by KPL & MWL:
·        -I am breaking laws both in the United States and Mexico
·        -I am a fugitive running and hiding (It is no secret that I have lived in San Miguel de Allende, MEXICO for years)
·       - I abused my children and that is why Kevin Sr. gained full custody
·        -My children hated me and wanted nothing to do with me-especially Justin
·        -My youngest son Justin has talked to D.A.'s about my harassment of him and his family and that Justin had to seek counseling because I was stalking him
·        -I threatened Kevin and Melody with bullets that had their initials and I was going to track them down and that I would also “rope my daughters” into helping me
·       - Melody claimed that the DA she was talking to said that I would be arrested for ‘Premeditated Homicide’ if I crossed the border
·        -The Border Patrol would arrest me as soon as I tried to cross and that I would either sit in a Mexican prison or USA law enforcement would detain me
·       - I have been court ordered to remove ALL my social media sites
·       - Per Melody’s postings, I choose not to abide by the laws in the United States because I live in Mexico. Truth of the matter is that I am a law abiding, legal USA citizen and have the same rights as everyone else to include freedom to have social media sites
·        -Melody once again uses the courts and big legal words to try to intimidate and distract others from the truth
·        -That I wanted to kill Kyle, called him fat, called him Fiona and made fun of him. Let me stress, I have never made fun of any living human being-especially a child. My late Aunt had Polio. My father’s late sister (my Aunt) had mental disabilities and lived with us for years so my parents could take care of her. I have a cousin that has Down syndrome/trisomy 21;  One of my dear friends has Multiple Sclerosis and we enjoy our get-togethers often. I have helped take care of HIV+ babies. I have volunteered in classrooms with children with special needs. Even Kevin Sr. knows that I would NEVER call a child such horrible things. I met Kyle once, and he said, “Hi.” My children have told me wonderful stories about Kyle and I understand why they loved him so much

Excuses will be made, and more lies will be told about this blog entry by Col. Kevin P. Landers and Melody. They must do "damage control" as they have done for years to hide their lies. I just truly hope that at this point, others will start to realize that what comes out of Kevin and Melody’s mouth should be questionable especially after all the years of lies told about me, my children and others. Those “others” could very well be you.

I do hope that one day Col. Kevin P. Landers realizes that his anger will continue to give him nothing but grief, disappointment and loneliness. I truly thought that losing me and now his children would soften him and maybe help him understand that it is not us or others that are “ruining his reputation”, HE is destroying the world he lives in. As far as Melody, she has caused much pain to her “bonus kids” and her daughter by the hateful way she chooses to live her life. John has only referred to one person as “Evil” since I met him in 1986. That person is Melody. I have not spoken face-to-face with Melody (nor do I desire) but after all these years and the stories shared by the kids in her care, friends that became her foe and people that directly know her, Melody appears to be depressed, sad, lonely, angry, bitter, insecure…a person that needs some type of guidance to help heal whatever internal demons she is facing. She has told so many lies that I do not know what truths if any she has ever shared with me and John.  John’s impression is that she may have spoken the truth to him about her father…who knows?

I must say this, I am very relieved that my children are no longer in her care. The damage has been done, but now that the kids are away from Kevin and Melody’s insanities, they are healing and I am very proud of each of them.
I also want to add that if not for me, his siblings and his Ryan cousins that my son would have not had ANY family members at his wedding and it was not because no one was invited. Kevin Sr.’s sister Kelly and his brother Brian were invited along with their spouses and children. It saddens me that my children have been pushed aside and forgotten especially by the Landers side of the family. Kevin Sr.’s mother who is referred to as Magaw by her grandchildren, did not attend the first wedding of one of her grandchildren. Magaw (Rebecca “Becky” Landers) chose to disown KJ, Megan, Amanda and Justin. For reasons that will never be logical. I am truly shocked that a loving grandmother picks and chooses which grandchildren she is going to embrace and be kind to. Her late husband Poppy James  “Jim” Landers chose the same path.  Just because their son and I could not continue in a marriage does not condone anger towards their own grandchildren. This goes for the rest of the Landers family. But, it is the typical Landers hateful, manipulative, controlling behavior that was taught. My family and I have had our challenges over the years, but I know for a fact that if both my parents were alive today, regardless of the family issues, they would have attended their grandson’s wedding with smiles on their faces.

On a side note, I do hope that John’s ex-wife Kelly Baker Barnes understands that no amount of damage control will ever fix the lies she has told her children about their dad. John’s 4 little ones are now 17 and their legal freedom is just around the corner. They will eventually be leaving for college, getting into relationships, creating their own lives and independence away from their mother Kelly and when they do, they will seek out John for answers.  As much as Kelly has lied over the years to attempt to have her kids hate John their father, he is still and will always be their father. And just as my children have done, Kelly and John’s children want the truth so they can move on to healthy, productive, successful lives. I do hope Kelly views Kevin’s experience with his children as a warning that the more one tries to keep a child away from a parent, the more that child is going to seek them out and when they find out that Kelly has lied to them all these years, I do hope she realizes the consequences per what has transpired with her brother’s children. I do believe that Kelly is a better parent than her brother Kevin. But, let’s face it- he hasn’t set the bar too high. Just because Kelly is a better parent than her oldest brother does not mean she is a good parent. Good, loving parents don’t lie to their children and tell them that they are not allowed to have a relationship with their father because he’s a mean man and a criminal. Good, loving parents don’t tell lies to their children especially when the children have fond, loving memories of their dad. Good, loving parents don’t tell their children that if it is found out that you had contact with your father then you will be punished and removed off all media sites for good. Good, loving parents don’t bribe their children by buying them material items but threaten to remove them if they have contact with their father. And most importantly, good loving parents don’t use their children as trophies in an effort to say, “Look at what a wonderful Mom I am.” My advice to Kelly is that she must tell her children ALL the truths about herself and their father before they find it out on their own either through their older brother, their cousins, family or friends, me or more importantly-John.

I have learned many things in all my trials but one very important thing that I have learned about children is this: Children don’t expect perfect parents. They want honest ones.
I know that this is a very long entry but it was necessary to share all that I have to set a clear picture of where I was 11 years ago and where I am today. I have overcome much and there were times that it was all I could do to place one foot in front of the other some days. But where I stand today is proof that truth does prevail and love is always the answer. The events that took place in the United States this year with my children and families opened a whole new chapter in all of our lives. I was able to create an even deeper bond with my children and it was so wonderful to sit back and watch them dance, sing and enjoy each other after all these years of separation and manipulation.  They finally achieved their “exhale moment.”

All of our physical memories (gifts, photos, notes, toys, “firsts”) were destroyed by Kevin, Sr. But it is okay. In this new chapter of our lives, we can document new memories and I look forward to many more family reunions in the States…SOON!
Having said that, I hope this New Year brings all of you a more peaceful one…a more joyous one…a more loving one.
Thank you once again for taking time to be a part of my life by reading my blog. Thanks to all of my readers who have followed me on this journey and for all the words of encouragement. I am truly grateful.

I'm choosing happiness over suffering, I know I am. I'm making space for the unknown future to fill up my life with yet-to-come surprises.”  ~Elizabeth Gilbert, -Eat, Pray, Love


Here are some of many photos from my oldest son's wedding. You can see more on my Facebook page. I cannot describe how thankful and very happy I was to be a part of this wonderful moment of many.



A hug I have dreamed about for 11 years.


My oldest son escorting me down the isle for the wedding ceremony.









 My 4 beautiful children all grown up. It was so wonderful to put my arms around each of them.




 Me and my baby Justin...aka...Bogey. We waited 11 hard years for this reunion but it was like we were never pulled from each other. Except he is much taller.

 Their first dance as husband and wife as we all looked on with love and admiration. The tears were defiantly flowing all around.

Not only did I travel to Texas and New Jersey. I also spent time in Florida and Georgia with family and friends.

 Standing in Cocoa Beach Florida. What a blast. 





Traveling on the A1A Highway on my way to Georgia. Great memories...